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Enterprise Networks

Based on over 20 Years’ experience we have capabilities to offer multiple solutions, best-suited and tailored to individual customer requirements. We have the experience to engineer the most efficient, cost-effective solution providing businesses with a tailored solution, maximising productivity and increasing efficiency.

  • Private Satellite LAN – Rooftop-To-Rooftop Connectivity

Many enterprises have branch or remote offices on campus been inter-connected via fibre terrestrial networks making Business Continuity – In a Disaster Recovery scenario a near impossibility, resulting in huge losses due to down time.

We offer a continuity solution for “essential services” on a satellite-based, hubless solution. 

On A “Rooftop-To-Rooftop” connectivity method with full “Meshed Operation” meaning anyone can connect to anyone in the network with low latency due to Single Hop arrangement.

This helps IT personnel ensure business continuity and better manage operational risk with 24/7 network capabilities for a fully functional workplace to keep everyone productive.

Complete Business Communications