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Government Networks

Embassy Networks / Border Control / Patrol

Diplomatic missions and border posts, require to be in contact with their governments not only for highly sensitive “Government-To-Government” responsibilities but also with various other government departments for assisting in promoting of their country in commercial and travel activities. Security and protection of personal as well as the “personal Information” of its clients cannot be comprised in any way and is of paramount importance to prevent theft of identification and possible espionage.

Telecommunication infrastructure, in the case of embassies host nation based, Fibre (FTTB), GSM networks, VHF, UHF and Microwave communications introduce undue risks. Basing the mission’s and border post communications on one or more of these modes creates a high risk of interference, interception, network congestion or just being “out-of’-range”. Most solution suppliers, providing a “one-size fits all” system, these normally require costly and regular software and hardware updates and maintenance creating unplanned or even planned system downtime resulting in service delays. 

These “downtimes” cost money, time and most essentially compromises communications with the mission’s / border post principles and jeopardise personnel and client ID security.

We offer a continuity solution for “essential services” on a satellite-based, hubless solution. 

On A “Rooftop-To-Rooftop” connectivity method with full “Meshed Operation” meaning anyone can connect to anyone in the network with low latency due to Single Hop arrangement. The “link” is:

  • independent of host nation terrestrial infrastructure
  • Direct connection to countries during emergencies
  • Combination Supports all services – Data, IP Voice, Video – Security , Video Conference Call
  • End-to-End encryption providing full link security
  • Dynamic Bandwidth Sharing Allocation reducing cost dramatically
  • Global Footprint (satellite dependent) with high performance and reliability