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Our Telemedicine Platform has an integrated telemedicine, videoconferencing and tele-monitoring system. 24/7 telemedicine services are available from medical companies, that support and assists patients and vulnerable groups of citizens to improve their quality of life and make their home environment more comfortable and safe. 

Home Care Assistance service in cooperation with our platform is ideal for preventive monitoring, rehabilitation and immediate delivery of primary care in user’s familiar environment and is suitable for remote care for the elderly, chronic illnesses, follow-up after surgical procedures, continuous post-hospital follow-up and patients with disabilities.

The system can work with any device like tablet, touch screen mobile phone, laptop or workstation. Our solution is easy to use by any user group in a web environment.

Our platform offers a wide range of easy-to-use, biometric devices for self-monitoring by users (eg non-invasive blood pressure meters, electronic weight scales, oximeters, glucose meters, electrocardiographs, etc.). Each user enjoys 24-hour HCA (Home Care Assistance) services from TMA, and available doctors of all specialties

The product is designed for both public and private health care use. Every user has access to:

Patients after each surgery, have a doctor at their disposal 24 hours a day, from their familiar environment and under the supervision of physicians, they enjoy the absolute safety through telemedicine. After the operation, each user receives TMA’s specialized equipment, which gives him the capability of direct communication with TMA’s coordinating help centre. 

Any post-operative complication can be immediately encountered by our solution and the 24-hour Ambulance Service