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Broadcasters worldwide can benefit from our extensive experience, our specialists having participated and managed in project such as International Broadcasting Centre (IBC) during the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games, and South Africa FIFA world cup, serving more than 200 TV channels and 1,000 radio stations. Our specialist have as well directed, managed, and monitored the manufacturing activities of a satellite program, from concept through to IOT – in orbit testing.

Media Distribution

Utilising Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and modern streaming technologies, we deliver television to your television through high speed internet (broadband) connection.

We provide applications for:

News Gathering

    • Modem synchronization with blade rotation with patented burst technology

    • Steady transmission without interruption high-rise buildings or low battery

    • Bi-Directional  – Voice / Data / Video transmission

Our solution offers the ability to transmit HD video in parallel to voice calls and any IP communication while the Satellite News Gathering – SNG – vehicle and Helicopter is in full motion.

Using our design the complete fleet is controlled by a central Fleet Manager permitting the operator / manager to know where each vehicle is in real time as well as share the Satellite Capacity DYNAMICALLY between the vehicles in the fleet, thus reducing the amount of capacity as well as technical personal required greatly.