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Our Associates

All of our analysts and consultants, including the managing director and senior industry gurus, work to develop deep relationships with clients. Our specialists  have extensive knowledge and understanding of the Telecommunications, Satellite, Fibre Infrastructure markets, as well as Project Management, having completed numerous projects in markets and beyond over the past ten years. This gives us a fundamental understanding of both individual countries and regional telecommunications markets.

Our and Associates Project Experience

Fibre and Fibre Networks

Market / Duration Man Years

Project Description

South Africa
20 Years

• Market / Duration Man YearsGlobal Capacity Business (GCB) section aligning Telkom SA global network with its business needs
• Co-Ordination / Contracting / Implementation / Upgrades  to
        • WACS 
        • S3WS  
        • EASSy 
• Facilitation / implementation international capacity / bandwidth solutions for global broadcasters during Soccer World Cup 2010 - South Africa. 
• Revamping co-location / towers / masts to increase ROI. 
• Established integrated fibre / satellite strategy
• FTTH – Malls
• FTTB - Enterprise

Middle East
5 Years

• Consultant for Sub-Saharan African submarine cable upgrades
• Consulting on Submarine Cable Commerce in the Middle East

South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, UK, USA and Europe.
20 years

• Financials 
         • Business case development
         • Pricing models
         • Budgeting and forecasting
         • Contract Negotiations  (multi-million dollar contracts)
• Product development and product management
• Product lifecycle management for Dark Fibre, Ethernet and Internet services
• Product development of Dark Fibre, Ethernet, Internet, FTTH, Colocation and NFV services
• Product roadmap development and execution
• New market analysis including geographic expansion
• Supplier management (including consultants)
• Drafting and reviewing Dark Fibre, Ethernet, Internet customer agreements
• Technical and commercial proposals for customized solutions

Telecommunications - Management

Balkan States
30 years

• C-level decision-making
• International cellular networks business development
• Telecommunications Projects Management
• Securing funding for large scale projects
• Project Negotiation and Closing

20 years

• Telecommunication projects [site acquisition (contracts negotiations with property owners & drafting.
• Civil & installation work preparation), access network modernisation projects, mobile telephony 
• Challenging acquisition projects management, site licensing, civil & installation works preparation] 
• Urban planning studies (site layout plan check, construction rules),
• Plumbing studies 
• Road works (studies, alignment, design, transport studies), 
• Layout design, networks dimensioning & alignment, as-built measurements and designs,

Middle East
25 years

• Sales & Market Development - International Fibre Backbone networks
• International Wholesale to telecom organisation

Telecommunications - Regulatory

South Africa / SADC / Uganda/  Tanzania /  Liberia, Mauritius and Ethiopia
Excess 30 years

• Spectrum management and regulatory affairs
• National policy for the effective deployment of radio and satellite-based technologies in South Africa
• National Radio Frequency Spectrum Policy Development and Implementation
• Chair of the SADC Committee of Satellite Experts to develop a SADC Shared Satellite Framework
• Councillor and member  in the South African Council for Space Affairs (SACSA),
• Member of the South African delegation to all ITU World Radiocommunication Conferences
• Chairperson of the SADC WRC-12 Preparatory Working Group and also Chairperson of the South African WRC-12 National Preparatory Working Group.
• National co-ordinator on satellite issues in preparation for the 2019 ITU World Radiocommunication Conference.
• Actively participated in the ITU Radiocommunication Sector Study Groups, particularly Study Group 4,
• Member of the South African delegation to the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNCOPUOS)
• Member Of Missions on behalf of the Development Bureau of the International Telecommunication Union to assist Ministries and Regulators in Africa - Uganda, Tanzania, Liberia, Mauritius and Ethiopia
• Chair of the SABS National Technical Committee on Communication Technology Standards,
• Member of the SABS sub-committees on broadcasting and on radio communication.

South Africa
Excess Of 25 Years

• Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) submissions and licence applications / broadcasting services
and spectrum licence applications
• Electronic Communications Policy Analysis and Development
• Media Business Consulting and Training Services
• Broadcasting Content Development


South Africa / Bulkan States
Excess Of 5 year

• Satellite Uplink Facilities
• DTH Platform
• SNG – Comm-On-The-Move / Comms-On-The-Pause.
• DTH - FTA Receivers
• HPA 
• WaveGuide Switching Systems n+1